Why HomeLINK?

HomeLINK integrates and analyses IoT data to help landlords achieve their strategic goals.


By streamlining services our platform offers a net return on investment.

Fuel poverty

Our technology helps you identify those at risk of fuel poverty.

Fire safety

With a range of fire safety technologies, we can improve compliance and safety.

Health and Wellbeing

Alerts, insights and recommendations are provided to improve living conditions.

Customer Excellence

We help you improve services and empower your customers with our resident app.

Carbon Footprint

Our fuel efficiency insights help you optimise and appraise investments.

Our team has decades of experience in social housing. We have carefully developed actionable insights that help deliver the benefits of IoT in the most efficient way. Some of these include…

HomeLINK insights

Facilated by Homelync

Mould risk, causes and recommendations 

Fuel Poverty indicator

Real time energy efficiency performance


link circle

Smoke and CO alarm events

Void alerts

Resident well-being


Our platform delivers a number of benefits including...

...reduced responsive repair call-outs

...reduced calls and visits to customers

...reduced repair times

...improved indoor air quality

...optimised capital investment

...savings on energy bills

...better customer experience

...detect void properties

...grow revenue with new services

...reduced cost with early intervention