Our platform


HomeLINK tests, procures and integrates to the most advanced and reliable IoT devices available. Landlords can start small, deploying just temperature and humidity sensors. Our platform enables the easy integration of other IoT devices in the future without being locked into any given sensor supplier.

Through our analytics portal, resident app and APIs to existing IT systems we provide landlords and their residents with actionable insights.


Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensors

  • Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors are placed throughout homes to provide insight on mould risk, causation, ventilation, indoor air quality, thermal performance, fuel poverty, void detection and carbon footprint.

  • These sensors offer a strong Return on Investment, 10-year battery life, quick installation, robust, discreet and secure.

Connected Smoke and CO alarms:

  • Aico’s 3000 series can be retrofitted with RF modules to provide maintenance and activation events to vastly improve fire safety, reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance.

  • Aico is the leading supplier of fire safety technology in social housing.

The analytics platform

Our analytics platform displays insight in a single user-friendly dashboard or can be integrated with your existing property management systems.

Using innovative data science and software integration methodologies, our solution enables landlords to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies with their own day­-to­-day processes in a scalable way.

Empowering Residents

Reduce costs by enabling preventative strategies and eliminate unnecessary visits to provide a better service.


Use our real-time data to gain true cost/benefit insight. Identify and tackle fuel poverty.

Improved Maintenance

Save your tenants money, enable assisted living technology, and provide a world class service.

The resident app

Our Resident App is available for Android and iOS devices. By empowering residents with their data and personalised insights, we have helped them improve their indoor air quality by 20%,  reduced mould risk by 25-30% and helped them save 10-15% on their electricity bill.

Improved engagement

Empower residents to save money and improve their well-being.

Improved Maintenance

Improve the maintenance and health of your stock with less intervention.

Improved Datasets

Gain a more complete real-time asset dataset that is effortlessly updated.