About Aico | Homelink

Aico, an Ei Company, is the European market leader in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection, pioneering new technologies and offering high-quality alarms designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Shannon, Ireland. Aico alarms meet all UK standards with a wide range of sensor types to ensure every home is protected, and we offer expert technical support and advice on alarm selection, siting and installation as well as personalised specification documents and a dedicated installer training scheme, Expert Installer. We also work alongside Local Authorities and Housing Associations to create bespoke specifications and solutions to help create safer environments for tenants.


In 2020, Aico expanded their Connected Home offering with the acquisition of leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, HomeLINK. HomeLINK is a multi-award-winning high-tech business that leverages cutting edge smart home integration and analytics technologies to address the needs of social landlords and their residents. Their team has industry-leading expertise in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), software development and integration and a track record of helping landlords reduce operating costs and carbon emissions whilst improving their residents’ wellbeing and safety.

Our vision

To accelerate the uptake of advanced technology in social housing and help to solve some of society’s most serious challenges. We believe that the latest IoT and AI technology could dramatically improve the lives of those that are often last to access it.

Our values

Guided by core values, our primary goal is to improve people’s lives with technology.

We are open and honest about the data we collect and the reason for collecting it. We only collect and analyse data to the benefit of residents.

We are obsessed about the security of our IoT systems and data. As members of the IoT Security Foundation, we ensure best practices are followed and risk at scale is minimised.

We value your privacy and therefore treat data discretely. We follow a privacy by design approach and ensure data is not sold to third parties.

Social Good
Our company was founded to improve people’s lives which is still our number one priority.

Our team